Plan To Succeed!

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Do you need to plan for your success? This is the weakness of many creatives. We are so creative, that we fail to organize. This planner helps you to identify your goals for the day and set a plan to meet them. Here is a tool to help you: The 90 Day Planner for Entrepreneurs.

How to get the most out of your planner and become more effective in your business.

 Today’s goal(s):

Brainstorm on a separate piece of paper or your electronic device to decide what to focus on today. Add the top 5 to your paperback planner. What project are you working on? What home or product are you selling, what client are you coaching, or what are you developing? Your current project will lead you to create goals and prioritize them for the day.

Who will I connect with today and how?

Who will help you reach your goals for the day or month? Who should you take out to coffee? Who should you connect with on social media? Who should you mentor or ask to be your mentor? Examples: Denise via LinkedIn, Greg via Twitter

 What appointments do I need to set up today?

What clients do you need to set up appointments with? Do you need to visit a business space to view your leasing options? What about your health appointments?

Social media focus:

Do you need to write a blog post today? What about your Twitter account; who should you follow or unfollow? What social media sites will you focus on today? Do you need to reply to customer comments on your website or Facebook page? What website updates need to be done?

Books/Articles to follow up on?

As you look through magazines, books, or social media sites there will be interesting information that grabs your attention. Jot these down here so you can read them later.

Thoughts/Creative ideas:

Entrepreneurs, you, are extremely creative and unless we  write things down sometimes we will lose our next stream of income. Write down your creative ideas here!

Today’s recap:

How did today go? What would you like to focus on tomorrow? What did you learn today?

Best wishes as you commit to planning your way to success! Buy your planner here: